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Reviews :


"Amazing conviction and variety of tone."

The Strad

"Those in attendance were deeply impressed by her playing as well as her charismatic stage presence"

La Scena Musicale Magazine, Canada

"Absolute winner......Just ten years old and a professional technical mastery...... audience surprised that with sincere applause she confirmed she was it agrees with the verdict of the jury presided by Mith Rizzi." 

Concorso Postacchini, Italy

"A high degree of musicle understanding with every note refined and nuanced" 

 Asia Magazine, Hong Kong

Public comments on the nights of Mini Violini at Concours Musical International de Montreal:


"Fantastic performance, very fabulous! I know you are teenager, but when you play, you look and sound like a real artist...... You have a very bright future ahead of you. You have inner musicality, very easy but serious and intensity which I love your playing."  Dmitry Sitkovetsky

"Your playing is expanding and developing in wonderful ways in past years.  It's massively impressive!" Cho-liang Lin

"Welcome you into to the family of artists, because you are doing everything mature with beautiful love of sound and natural balance of phrasing.  All of those things are very hard to achieve and very wonderful." Kim Kashkashian

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The Strad


Radio Television Hong Kong


South China Morning Post

Apr 23, 2022

Apr 23, 2022

May 29, 2019

Apr 8, 2021

May 13, 2021

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